About GoodBye Toys Charity, Inc.

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GoodBye Toys Charity, Inc. is a Michigan 501(c)(3) dedicated to improving youth education and supporting children from low-income families. We raise clothing and other basic needs for children from low-income households to ensure they have what is needed to succeed in school and in life, i.e. school supplies, backpacks, clothing, food, etc. 

To help us reach our mission in helping children and schools, GoodBye Toys Charity offers 3 unique fundraising options for schools and school districts through www.GoodByeToys.com.

With every purchase that is completed through the website a percentage of money is given to helping our causes. When someone registers to sell products on www.GoodByeToys.com as a Donate Half to Charity/School Seller Membership, 70₵ of every dollar donated will be given to the School, School District or Charity of your choice that is fundraising through the website. (Not Proceeds, Dollars!)

We also plan school fundraisers and more! To learn more about our school fundraisers, please visit our school fundraisers tab.