GoodBye Toys Charity Founder

GoodBye Toys Charity Founder & President

My name is Mary DePerro and I am the founder and President of GoodBye Toys Charity, Inc. and  As a school teacher for over ten years, I saw how children from low-income families struggle on a daily basis.  I wanted to help as many children as I could succeed in school so they can have a better tomorrow.   

Knowing to truly help children I had to start a 501(3)(c), I started researching other charities.  So many charities state that “proceeds” go towards helping their cause.  After much researching, I found that for many charities “proceeds” is less than 10₵ of every dollar.  These statistics were gut wrenching.  With my new-found knowledge, I vouched to start an ethical charity based on the principle of taking less than what we give.  No matter how large we grow, I hope to always give more of every dollar to helping children and education. 

I hope you’ll join us on our mission to help children throughout Michigan and hopefully the United States have a new tomorrow.